Response as main goal of communication

Communication is a two-way process where there is the presence of the speaker and the listener. In the essence of communication we aim for a response for us to know if the person we are talking with, understand the thoughts that we shared. So, the idea of response as  the ultimate goal of communication is true because it lead us to understand the other’s point of view. Response is one way to express our thoughts and wants like in a debate or argumentation. Argumentation is  the act or process of forming reasons and of drawing conclusions and applying them to a case in discussion .

According to Van Eemeren et al, 1996 argumentation is a verbal and social activity of reason aimed at increasing (or decreasing) the acceptability of a controversial standpoint for the listener or reader, by putting forward a constellation of propositions intended to justify (or refute) the standpoint before a rational judge. Argumentation is a verbal activity, most often in an ordinary language. In argumentation, people use words and sentences to argue, to state or to deny etc. Nonverbal communication is accompanied with verbal communication in argumentation and can play an important role.

Furthermore, argumentation is a social activity, in which its principle is directed to other people. Argumentation is also an activity of reasoning, when people put forward their arguments in argumentation, they place their considerations within the realm of reasoning. Argumentation is always related to a standpoint. An opinion itself is not enough; arguments are needed when people differ on a standpoint. Finally, the goal of argumentation is to justify one’s standpoint or to refute someone else.

In addition when we do the arguing we respond according to what we think, feel and  observe. However,if we did not understand what is going on with the argument, it will be hard for us to join the discussion. Listening is not enough to make a good response.We should learn how to put our heart and mind with it for us to show how clearly we understand other people. As we all know response has a vital role in doing the collaborative argumentation. If in one argumentation you did not get any reply it means two things: first you’re not that clear in what you are saying and the second is that they are not interested in what you were saying.


 Van Eemeren et al, 1996


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