non-verbal communication

1. What is non-verbal communication?

Non verbal communication is a kind of communication that give meaning to the gestures or body language that has been displayed by one person who is talking with someone and it also gives meaning over and above spoken words.A non verbal communication can be said to be more seriously taken by other person because through this we can say what we really want to say.

2. How does it affect the delivery of the message?

Responses that is through unspoken words can:

  • Reinforce or modify what is said in words. For example, people may nod their heads vigorously when saying “Yes” to emphasize that they agree with the other person, but a shrug of the shoulders and a sad expression when saying “I’m fine thanks,” may imply that things are not really fine at all!
  • Convey information about their emotional state.
  • Define or reinforce the relationship between people.
  • Provide feedback to the other person.
  • Regulate the flow of communication, for example by signalling to others that they have finished speaking or wish to say something.

Unfortunately interpreting non-verbal communication is not that simple. The way communication is influenced by the context in which it occurs. For example, a nod of the head between colleagues in a committee meeting may mean something very different to when the same action is used to acknowledge someone across a crowded room.

3. What is the role of body language in communication?

The role of body language is intricate to say the least. It works in conjunction with verbal aspects of communication to create a sometimes blunt, sometimes nuanced message. The sender and receiver each have a role to play, and if their interpretation or perception of each others message differs at all, the communication becomes muddled at best and downright conflicting at worst.(

So for me, the role of body language is to substitute the spoken words to non verbal communication and to help us to be open in understanding the thoughts that we had. Through body language we can show who we really are and what we really like. The sincerity of our thoughts can be found in the actions that we act.

4. How important it is in communication.

Understanding body language and applying this knowledge is an inexact science. You cannot make hard and fast rules for yourself about what kinds of actions, gestures, expressions, and the like are appropriate in every single situation. Body language inevitably involves give and take among people, the sending and receiving of messages followed by responses that evolved as the interaction continues. So by all means, learn all you can and become a student of effective body language; but never forget, even the most intuitive and observant people can misinterpret or misunderstand body language messages. Body language has a huge influence in all of these real world situations, and in many different ways. The best way to become more attuned to the role of body language in communication is to constantly observe, both yourself and others, paying close attention to the cues that communicate louder than words.


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